Why reuse water?

Reclaimed water conserves drinking water normally used for irrigation in an environmentally economic manner. The State of Florida has adopted policies that recognize water reuse as an integral part of the comprehensive water management program. Water reclamation offers a valuable alternative water resource not requiring potable drinking water applications.

The use of reclaimed water in a non-potable application helps to ensure a long-term reliable water source even during times of drought. The City of Stuart, like other South Florida communities, are faced with the problem of a diminishing fresh water supply. Water restrictions are affecting the quality of life of every South Florida resident. Water reclamation is an important component of an effective water conservation program.

To protect the quality of valuable water resources, the City continues to make a conscious and continuous effort to protect the quality of water here in the City. With this in mind, the City's Wastewater Treatment Facility has been redesigned and constructed with advanced and sophisticated engineering to limit the amount of effluent to deep injection points, transforming it into a Water Reclamation Facility.

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