Federal Highway Master Plan

Master Plan cover photo

In coordination with the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council and with funding from the Department of Economic Opportunity the developed Master Plan provides clear design recommendations for detailed urban design and redevelopment scenarios along the Federal Highway corridor in Stuart. 

For the City of Stuart, the workshop, surveys, and interviews offered an opportunity for citizens, property owners, and others to identify and evaluate land-use patterns and lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the study area. This visioning process expanded the role of citizen input, highlighting the relationships between land use, mobility, economics, and other factors. With an adopted Master Plan, the City can clearly communicate its expectations to citizens, business owners, investors, and agencies, well ahead of the capital investments necessary to enable a vibrant and sustainable City. Over time, the implementation of the Master Plan will encourage safer mobility and a more resilient economic corridor. This is crucial as issues of sustainability, growth, and transportation are paramount to local governance in Florida.

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