Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a document that sets the context for future growth and development in the City of Stuart. Required by State statutes that specify its overall content and structure, the Comprehensive Plan consists of a series of interrelated chapters or elements analyzing the community’s future land use, transportation, parks and recreation, and other infrastructure and environmental issues, needs, challenges, and opportunities.

What the Plan Addresses

The Comprehensive Plan is important because it sets the overall policy context for development within Stuart. The Comprehensive Plan will address:

  • Fiscal impacts and responsibilities of new development
  • Future public facilities and service needs
  • Growth pressures in the City
  • Preservation of the community character and natural resources
  • Urban design and architectural standards
  • Other important issues that affect the quality of life and character of the City

Goals, Objectives & Policies

Specifically, the Comprehensive Plan will include goals, objectives, and policies to:

  • Guide future growth and development within the City (such as general location, allowable densities, and intensities of land use).
  • Discourage the proliferation of urban sprawl.
  • Protect vital natural resources, such as environmentally sensitive lands.
  • Enhance community character through architectural and design standards.
  • Identify needed public services and revenues based on projected population and employment growth.
  • Meet community expectations regarding other important issues, such as sidewalks, streetlights, housing types, and other issues.

Evaluation & Appraisal Report Transmittal Documents

Future Land Use Map

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Online Future Land Use Map

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