Utility Division

The City's Utility Division is responsible for the overall operation of the water and wastewater system that provides water and wastewater service to approximately 4,000 households and 500 commercial establishments. The City's utility service area covers approximately 3.4 square miles, including a majority of all properties within the City of Stuart and a small area of unincorporated Martin County.

Best Tasting Water in Florida

The Division takes great pride in providing you and your family/business with outstanding drinking water that has been previously recognized as the "best tasting" at the Florida Rural Water Association's Annual Conference. To provide this outstanding water service, we have 30 wells from which the water is transmitted to our water treatment facility. There the water is: 

  1. Aerated
  2. Lime Softened
  3. Settled
  4. Filtered
  5. Disinfected
  6. Pumped Through Water Distribution Mains and Service Lines into Your Home/Business

The Water Treatment Facility treats, on an average, 3.5 million gallons of water a day.


In addition, the Division provides outstanding treatment to the wastewater that comes from your home and/or business. Once the wastewater leaves your home/business, it flows into sewage collection mains, then into lift stations that pump it to our wastewater treatment facility where it is treated by an activated sludge process, settled and disinfected. The Wastewater Treatment Facility treats, on an average, 1.8 million gallons per day.

Our water and wastewater treatment facilities meet and exceed all requirements established by the local, state, and federal regulatory agencies. We have also been recognized by those agencies for outstanding operations and maintenance practices.