Building Division

A loading dock on a body of waterThe Building Division receives building permit applications for all structures ranging from office buildings to homes to fences and reviews the construction plans to assure that they meet requirements of the Florida Building Code, other ordinances in effect; checks contractors for required licenses; and maintains records. Field inspections of buildings are conducted to make sure they are being constructed in accordance with approved plans and all applicable construction codes.

The Building Division provides many services to the public, builders, and contractors. It is the division's primary goal to preserve our neighborhoods and property values by maintaining high standards of competence and service. Staff is available to assist and guide homeowners and contractors through the permitting and inspection processes for all new construction, remodeling or additions to existing structures.

Building Permits

Outside of a HomeThe Building Division is responsible for reviewing permit applications to ensure all necessary documents are included. The Building Division reviews each file, ascertaining that all inspections have been completed and all required documentation is on file before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

Building permits are usually issued within ten business days and emergency permits can be issued immediately. If you are considering renovating, please call the Building Division. Staff will gladly assist and answer any of your questions. We want your projects big or small to be a pleasant experience. 

View online permit applications here.

Effective August 1, 2008: All plans are required to have a PDF format disc that is electronically signed and sealed.

Code of Ordinances

To access and view City of Stuart ordinances, please go to the Municode website. Municode updates the City of Stuart Code from individual ordinances on a quarterly basis. For copies of individual ordinances, please submit a public records request.

Impact Fees are updated periodically, based on an independent study of the most recent and localized data. Below, you will find the latest Impact Fee Studies.

View new Impact Fee's effective March 12, 2023 here.