Stuart’s Single-Use Plastic Policy is in effect. Reference the Reducing Plastic Waste Eco-friendly Special Event Guide for further information. 

Do I need a Special Event Permit?

Public Property - An application is needed for any festival, celebration, concert, parade, block party, art show, craft show or other gathering of 25 or more persons having common purpose, design or goal, all or any portion of which will take place on public property or right-of-way.

Private Property - A special event application is needed for outdoor uses and activities held on private property. This includes commercial sales activities; exhibitions, displays, performances; fairs, carnivals, bazaars, contests, rodeos; installation of temporary tents and any other activity tending to create or cause abnormally large or excessive crowds or traffic and poses a detrimental effect on the public health, safety and welfare.

How do I get started?

Reserve your date simply by completing a Hold the Date Request” form, paying a $25 non-refundable application fee and a Security Deposit at the City of Stuart Annex Building, 101 SW Flagler Avenue, Stuart, FL. This will hold your date and location in the City’s Reservation System.

Special Events Applications


Banners, flags, balloons and similar devices that are designed to attract attention, are prohibited per section 8.02.00 of the Land Development Code. The City Manager may approve a non-profit organization and or community events to be permitted to display banner(s). Banner permit stickers will be issued for approved banners and must be displayed on the front of all banners. Banners not displaying the appropriate sticker will be removed by city officials. Banners to be displayed on private property must submit a letter from the owner to the city giving permission for the display. Some locations are limited to one banner at a time and the locations are approved on a first come first serve basis. The event organizer is responsible for hanging, placing, and removal of banners. Approved banner locations are identified on the ’Banner Permit Application’. Community event banner permits are valid for ten days. A Grand Opening banner is valid for 30 days. Advertising banners at a City Park is valid for six months.

  1. Dennis Rivera

    Community Events Specialist

Additional Forms

Public event space

Memorial Park
Memorial Park
Gazebo Park
Kiwanis Park
Flagler Park
Riverwalk Stage Promenade
Shepard Park
Martin Luther King Junior Park
Poppleton Creek Dog Park
Sailfish Ball Park
Smith Turner Park
Haney Creek Park Nature trail and Dog park