Advertise Your Business

The City of Stuart is offering local businesses and organizations the opportunity to advertise by banner signage at one or multiple fences located at our ball, community and dog parks within the City. These parks receive over 15,000 visitors annually. The revenues received from advertising will assist in maintaining and improving parks and fields within the City of Stuart.

To apply to advertise your business, please view the Banner Permit Application.


  • Signs will be placed on inner perimeters of fences, facing the fields. Signs shall be designed and placed so as to not damage, interfere or alter City operations including but not limited to, field maintenance, irrigation patterns or upkeep of surrounding grounds.
  • Acknowledgment of advertisement will be made on the City webpage including a link to advertiser's website.
  • The advertiser shall keep the sign in good condition and will be notified if damaged. The advertiser will have 30 days to replace the damaged sign or the City may, at its discretion, remove the sign with the cost to the advertiser.

Sign Parameters

  • Signs are supplied and owned by the advertiser.
  • All signs must be 4 feet by 8 feet horizontal rectangle.
  • Signs must be of vinyl material.
  • Signs must display a solid white color on the back, with no restrictions on colors, fonts or logos on the front.


  • $25 non-refundable application fee is due with submission of application.
  • $500 per sign for 6 months