Recycling Services

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  2. Documents
  3. E-Waste Recycling Center
  4. Single Stream Recycling

Businesses are responsible for generating the largest volumes of recyclables. Good examples of commonly used recyclables in businesses include: 

  • Aluminum
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Plastic

Recycling makes good sense for economic and environmental reasons. It helps to preserve the life of the landfill. It also helps save natural resources, lowers energy consumption and reduces greenhouse gases as well as air and water pollution. Recycling is a better choice that the dead-end alternative to land filling materials.

Recycling Can Save Your Business Money

Customers who sign up for service will receive a $1 reduction per cubic yard on their commercial garbage fees.

Service Options

95-gallon blue recycling carts used for comingled materials. These carts can be used for small and large businesses.

Assorted sizes of commercial dumpsters used for large generators of cardboard.

The City will provide a free Recycling Assessment to individual businesses to identify all materials that can be recycled and are accepted in the City's recycling program.

Get Started Today!

It's easy! Call the Recycling and Conservation Coordinator at 772-600-1206 to set up an optional appointment for your business's Recycling Assessment and request service. Recycling service will be added to your account and depending on your business's needs, a cart, cardboard dumpster, or both will be delivered.

Your business is ready to recycle!

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