Water Quality Monitoring Program

Water HydrantThe City of Stuart Water Treatment Team performs routine hydrant flushing in accordance with its required Water Quality Monitoring Program. Hydrant flushing is performed monthly in preparation for sampling required for the public health and safety of drinking water. Though it may appear that the City is "wasting" water while performing the hydrant flushing, allowing the water to run is essential to keeping the water fresh. Be assured that the City promotes water conservation and that this test is necessary for the City to provide clean, safe drinking water to its customers. When at all possible, the water drains into a pervious surface.


The City's Laboratory Technician opens hydrants at specific sampling sites at low flows of 3 to 5 gallons per minute the day before the sample is taken. The City also utilizes "auto flushers" in specific locations in the water distribution system to maintain proper residuals. Auto flushers have timers and operate at night during off-peak hours. Twice a year, "superchlorination," (a method of chlorinating potable water to insure the safety of drinking water) is conducted. Certain hydrants are opened at low flows, to draw the "free residual" out to the furthest points to saturate the water distribution system. 

Advance notice of the exact dates of the superchlorination process goes out in the City's Utility Info Bits. All other hydrant flushing involving the water quality is on an "as needed" basis.