The City of Stuart provides preventive/predictive collection system maintenance services, while the Collections Department performs corrective collection system activities. Through our combined efforts, we maintain a proactive approach in improving the performance levels of collection systems. The preventive/predictive portion of the collection system maintenance program includes: 

  • Distribution and Collections VehicleAn Annual Air Relief Valve and Force Main Valve Service
  • An Annual Private Lift Station Evaluation
  • A Cleaning and CCTV Inspection Schedule
  • Grease Trap Ordinance
  • Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) Reduction
  • On-Going Sewer Map Revisions
  • Root Control

Mission Statement

"To provide sanitary sewer system preventative maintenance that prevents sanitary sewer overflows in a safe and cost effective manner."

Cleaning & Inspection

The City requires the Collections Team to televise 35% and clean 100% of the gravity sewer system annually. A combination truck with both jet and vacuum systems is used to perform cleaning maintenance, and a televised camera system provides sewer inspection and documentation services. Scheduled sewer cleanings and TV inspections are based on and prioritized according to the maintenance history and age of system. Strict and thorough documentation of inspections, cleaning, backups, and overflows is vital in terms of scheduling and reprioritization of sewer line maintenance. The above cleaning and inspection program, since its implementation in 1996, has resulted in a significant reduction of sewer backups and overflows.


Reports from the gravity sewer collection system inspection are utilized to develop a scope of services for outside contractor work that involves root removal, grouting, lining and manhole rehabilitation.

Capacity, Maintenance, Operations & Management (CMOM) Program

The City utilizes a voluntary Capacity, Maintenance, Operations and Management (CMOM) Program that offers best management practices to protect the City's sewer system infrastructure.