Board of Adjustment


  • 5:30 p.m.
  • 4th Thursday of every month


  • Christina Vogl, Chair
  • Werner Bols, Vice Chair
  • Claire Nash
  • Sean Reed
  • Kristin Stanley

Duties & Responsibilities

The board consists of five members who have been residents or property owners of the City of Stuart for not less than six months prior to appointment.  The Board of Adjustment shall be a quasi-judicial board of the city and shall accordingly perform the duties and responsibilities described as follows: 

1. Hear and consider applications for variances as provided at section 8.04.00 of this Code;

2. Hear and decide appeals of an alleged error in a decision of the city development director made in the enforcement of the provisions of subsection 8.04.01 A.;

3. Interpret the provisions of this Code so as to accomplish the intent and purpose of the city comprehensive plan; and

4. Conduct such hearings as may be necessary to perform the foregoing duties and responsibilities.