Safe Room

Large interior closet, bathroom, stairwell or hallway with no windows may serve as safe room. If your home begins to break apart during a storm, a safe room is where your family would have the best chance of surviving. You should identify the safe room in your home and make sure that everyone knows where it is. When a storm hits, this is where you should be. Safe rooms can also be used in other weather relate emergencies such as tornadoes.

A designated safe room built into every new home could provide significant additional protection for you family. This can be relatively inexpensive and has proven to be effective. Existing closets and bathrooms can be improved to provide additional strength to the walls and ceiling. A well-built designated safe room can provide relatively safe haven and peace of mind.

Stay in the Safe Room

Once you're in your safe room, stay there even if you hear breaking glass or worse. It is extremely dangerous to expose yourself to the hurricane's winds. Animals should be placed in their carriers.

If your house begins to break apart, cover yourself with the mattress and pillows. If your safe room is a bathroom, you can get in the bathtub and cover yourself with the mattress. Do not leave your safe room until you hear an official "All's Clear." If the wind dies down, you may be in the eye of the storm. Winds may resume at any time as strong (or stronger) than before, but will be coming from a different direction.