Hurricane Special Needs Information

The goal of the Martin County special needs program is to ensure that Florida residents who have mental, physical or emotional challenges receive consideration and assistance during times of emergency. Over time, Martin County has continued to enhance the special needs program.

Martin County Cares Program

In 1997, Martin County initiated the Martin County Cares Program (MCCARES) to help special needs registrants better prepare for assisted evacuation. The program provides each such registrant with a sturdy MCCARES container to hold those personal belongings that will accompany them to the Martin County special needs facility.

All county home healthcare agencies will assist their clients who are special needs registrants with the task of preparing their MCCARES container prior to hurricane season. To simplify the task, the agencies also prepare an inventory list of items to pack and attach it to each client's MCCARES container.


In the past years, Martin County improved the special needs program by taking advantage of computer technology. We will be using laptop computers and bar-code readers to reduce paperwork and improve activity monitoring. Special bar-coded armbands will be created for all special needs registrants. The armbands will identify the registrant and provide information about their individual needs.

More Information

If you have questions regarding special needs or the MCCARES program, please call the Office of Emergency Management in Martin County at 772-287-1652.