Hurricane Boat Safety

Protecting your boat from a storm may be the most time-consuming portion of your hurricane plan. As important as that boat may be, you can not allow it to interfere with your need to protect your family and home. If you secure your boat first You can concentrate the rest of your time on preparing your home. That means you need to begin your boat preparations very early.

  • Check insurance policies and coverage. Is your coverage adequate? You should understand the coverage's exclusions and your duties as the vessel owner.
  • Make an inventory of all equipment on board. Note which items should be removed or secured.
  • Check deck hardware and electronics. Keep batteries charged and confirm that all bilge pumps are operable.

If you trailer your boat, check your trailer tires, bearings and hitch. Make sure your intended tow vehicle is properly equipped.

Safety Plan

Rehearse your plan and make note of how long it takes to complete (including drive time to and from the boat). Double the total time to allow for increased traffic and deteriorating weather conditions. If you will be moving your boat on the water, know your route, including bridge clearances at low and high tides as well as channel depth. If you dock in a residential facility, coordinate your plan with neighbors.

If there is a chance you may be away when a storm threatens, assign someone to carry out your plan. Provide them with a copy of your written procedures.