Homeland Security

Our nation faces dangers from a variety of sources. Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, hazardous materials spills, etc, can impact the lives of people over large areas. The attacks of September 11th, as well the train bombings in Madrid and London, showed that Americans must prepare for terrorist acts. To that end, governments at all levels have adopted a Strategy for Homeland Security. 

The purpose of our Strategy is to guide, organize, and unify our Nation's homeland security efforts. It provides a common framework by which our entire Nation should focus its efforts on the following four goals:

  • Prevent and disrupt terrorist attacks
  • Protect the American people, our critical infrastructure, and key resources
  • Respond to and recover from incidents that do occur
  • Continue to strengthen the foundation to ensure our long-term success

Governments are not the only one that can strengthen the nation's security. Citizens can aid the effort by preparing their homes and business for disasters. They can also help by staying informed about current threats and calling the proper authorities if something, doesn't seem right.