Emergency Management


The City of Stuart recommends all residents, businesses, and visitors be prepared and have a plan! All communities are vulnerable, in varying degrees, to the hazardous conditions of a disaster. While no one can predict when and where the next disaster will strike, we can all take steps to lessen the impact of a disaster on our families and businesses

Plan Ahead

It is critical to plan ahead. Pre-planning now can reduce the hardship faced immediately before, during and after a disaster. Florida Disaster Planning Tools are available to assist with your family planning.

  • Have a family plan
  • Stock up on supplies (food, water, gas, medicine, cash, etc.)
  • Family evacuation (Where will you go?, When will you leave?, etc.)
  • Homeowners/Flood Insurance (Are the plans up to date?, Do you have important documents?, etc.)
  • Pets (Food, water, medicine, etc.)

There are a variety of information sources available that will assist in making these and other important decisions. Please follow the links to other information pages and external websites for further assistance.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season starts on June 1st and continues until November 30th of each year. 

It is important to create or update your plans prior to the start of hurricane season each year. The City of Stuart recommends at least 7 days of supplies including food, water, batteries, medicine, etc. 

Disruption of Services

Many services can be disrupted during and after a storm.  Electricity and water are some of the most vital services that can be effected.  

More Information

City staff are available for Emergency Preparedness Presentations upon request. For more information, please contact the Emergency Management Coordinator.