Properties: Lease or Sale

The City of Stuart, Florida is seeking proposals from individuals or firms interested in leasing or purchasing City-owned properties. A list of available properties, which is updated from time to time, appears below.

All leasing and sales decisions are made by the Stuart City Commission on an open and competitive basis. Several factors will be considered in the decision making process, including: compatibility of the proposed use with surrounding uses, the respondent's financial wherewithal and business track record, length of proposed lease and lease rate, quality of proposed tenant improvements, and/or purchase price offered.

To request a complete RFP package or submit questions, please contact:  Outlook icon Lenora Darden, Procurement Manager.

Currently Available:

All proposals must be submitted in accordance with standard response forms and deadlines set forth below.

City of Stuart Lease or Sale Policy

Policy Regarding the Lease or Sale of City-owned Property:

Section 2-254. Statement of Intent.

It is the intent of the city commission that no lease of city-owned real property shall be approved by the city commission that does not provide an annual return on investment of at least ten percent. It is the further intent of the city commission that no sale of city-owned real property shall be approved by the city commission for a purchase price of less than the fair market value of the property at the time of sale. This expression of intent may be waived by the city commission upon a determination that a particular lease or sale of city-owned real property for a lesser amount is nevertheless in the best interest of the public.

(Code 1995, § 2-262; Ord. No. 1538, § 1, 11-24-1997)