Proclamation Policy

Resolution No. 56-09, June 22, 2009



The Mayor of the City of Stuart shall be permitted to sign and issue "proclamations," at no charge, to recognize individuals or organizations for their outstanding achievement to the community, or for special events, or for days or months that are noteworthy, or that have historical significance, subject to the following additional considerations:


  1. Proclamations will not be issued for commercial purposes, such as the opening of a new business, provision of a new service or a new product.  Business anniversaries of less than 100 years, and personal service to the community of less than 25 years shall not normally be recognized by proclamation.
  2. In addition, proclamations shall not be issued for deceased persons, retirements, birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, or family reunions, except at the direct request of the city manager.
  3. Individuals or organizations periodically or routinely seeking proclamations may be asked to provide new or additional information for the proclamation.
  4. A request for a proclamation shall be made in writing to the City Manager’s Office at least 7 days prior to the date that will be proclaimed or the date the document will be presented. The City Manager may waive the time requirement, at his decision.
  5. Each request must be accompanied by the name, email address, and telephone number of a responsible person who can answer additional questions about the proposed proclamation.
  6. Individual(s) or organization(s) seeking a proclamation must accompany the request with:

a.    Facts about the subject matter; enough information to make 3 or 4 points.

b.    Specific title of what is to be proclaimed.

c.   Date of the proclamation, and date to be presented, if any.

d.   Name of person who will accept the proclamation.


Normally, proclamations shall be presented at a City Commission Meeting, unless prior arrangements are made to have it mailed or picked up at the City Manager’s Office.


The City Manager shall pre-approve all proclamations, prior to forwarding to the Mayor for execution.



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