Stuart needs your feedback!

Tour & Talk Vision Workshop

The City of Stuart is partnering with the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) to assist in the development of a Federal Highway Commercial Corridor & Gateway Triangle District Master Plan. The study area includes commercial properties fronting Federal Highway (US-1) as it passes through the City of Stuart Community Redevelopment Area and the district east of Federal Highway and west of Dixie Highway in Downtown Stuart.

The City is seeking feedback to help inform the City's vision for the future by requesting the community to join us on a TOUR & TALK Vision Workshop! The Walking Tour and Workshop  happened on March 13, 2021 and focused on US-1 south of the Roosevelt Bridge to the SE Dixie Cutoff and the Triangle District between US1 and Dixie Highway. Feedback will be used to devise and inform strategies as part of the Master Plan.

More details to come...

tour path
study area