Grease Traps

A grease trap is a device located inside a food service facility designed to collect, contain or remove food wastes and grease from the waste stream while allowing the balance of the liquid waste to discharge to the wastewater collection system by gravity.

Defeat the Grease Goblin, he's hiding in your sinks and drains. He causes sewer overflows.

Problems with Oil & Grease in Wastewater

Oil and grease in wastewater cause problems in sewer systems? Grease sticks to the inside of sewer pipes, both on your property and in the streets. This decreases pipe capacity and requires that the pipes be cleaned more often or replaced sooner. Oil and grease also hamper effective treatment of wastewater.

Any type of grease can cause raw sewage backups and overflows in your home or in the street.

Sewer overflows pollute our rivers and streams. It increases our risk of coming into contact with disease-causing organisms. It also increases the cost to operate and maintain sewer lines and wastewater plants.

How Can You Help?


  • Collect cooking oil and grease in containers and dispose of it in the garbage.
  • Remove oil and grease from kitchen utensils, equipment, and food preparation areas with scrapers, towels, or a broom.
  • Keep grease out of wash water.
  • Place all food scraps in a waste container for solid waste pickup.

Do Not

  • Pour grease, fats, and oils from cooking down the drain.
  • Use the toilet as a garbage disposal.
  • Use the sewer as a means of disposing food scraps.

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Additional Information

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