Job Descriptions

  1. Accounts Payable Specialist Financial Services (PDF)
  2. Assistant Financial Services Director (PDF)
  3. Assistant Public Works Director Water and Sewer General Government (PDF)
  4. Behavior Program Specialist (PDF)
  5. Building Official (PDF)
  6. Building Permit Technician (PDF)
  7. Business Tax Technician Financial Services (PDF)
  8. Buyer (PDF)
  9. Capital Projects Coordinator Water and Sewer Administration (PDF)
  10. Cashier Utilities Financial Services (PDF)
  11. City Attorney (PDF)
  12. City Clerk (PDF)
  13. Civilian Enforcement Officer (PDF)
  14. Code Enforcement Officer (PDF)
  15. Code Enforcement Supervisor (PDF)
  16. Communications and Special Events Coordinator (PDF)
  17. Community Redevelopment Agency Administrator (PDF)
  18. Community Redevelopment Agency Program Manager (PDF)
  19. Community Safety Coordinator Fire Rescue (PDF)
  20. Community Services Division Manager (PDF)
  21. Compliance Specialist Water and Sewer General Government (PDF)
  22. Compliance Technician Water Wastewater (PDF)
  23. Custodian Building Maintenance (PDF)
  24. Customer Service Representative (PDF)
  25. Customer Service Supervisor Utilities Financial Services (PDF)
  26. Deputy Public Works Director (PDF)
  27. Designer Geographic Information System LIS Coordinator City Manager (PDF)
  28. Development Director (PDF)
  29. Diesel Gas Mechanic Vehicle Maintenance (PDF)
  30. Division Assistant Police (PDF)
  31. Economic Development and Project Manager (PDF)
  32. Equipment Operator 1 Streets (PDF)
  33. Equipment Operator 2 Distribution Collections (PDF)
  34. Executive Administrative Assistant Public Works (PDF)
  35. Executive Secretary To Public Safety Police (PDF)
  1. Police Dispatch Supervisor (PDF)
  2. Police Dispatcher 1 (PDF)
  3. Police Dispatcher 2 (PDF)
  4. Police Master Officer (PDF)
  5. Police Officer 1 (PDF)
  6. Police Officer 2 (PDF)
  7. Police Officer Probation (PDF)
  8. Police Officer Relief (PDF)
  9. Police Sergeant (PDF)
  10. Program Leader (PDF)
  11. Project Planner 2 Development (PDF)
  12. Public Works Director (PDF)
  13. Public Works Inspector Water and Sewer Administration (PDF)
  14. Purchasing Manager Financial Services Purchasing (PDF)
  15. Recycling Conservation Coordinator Water and Sewer General Government (PDF)
  16. Sanitation Equipment Operator Yard Trash (PDF)
  17. Sanitation Worker Commercial (PDF)
  18. Senior Accountant Financial Services (PDF)
  19. Senior Executive Coordinator (PDF)
  20. Senior Maintenance Mechanic Turf Grounds (PDF)
  21. Software Application Specialist Information Services (PDF)
  22. Stormwater Specialist (PDF)
  23. Systems Analyst Information Services (PDF)
  24. Systems Technician Water and Sewer General Government (PDF)
  25. Team Leader 1 Commercial (PDF)
  26. Team Leader 2 Distribution Collection (PDF)
  27. Treatment Plant Operator 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant (PDF)
  28. Treatment Plant Operator 2 Wastewater Treatment Plant (PDF)
  29. Utility Senior Maintenance Mechanic Wastewater Treatment Plant (PDF)
  30. Wastewater System Specialist Wastewater Treatment Plant (PDF)
  31. Water Distribution System Specialist Distribution Collection (PDF)
  32. Water System Specialist Water Treatment Team (PDF)
  33. Water Treatment Plant Operator 1 Water Treatment Team (PDF)
  34. Water Treatment Plant Operator 3 Water Treatment Team (PDF)
  35. Youth Intervention Counselor Police (PDF)